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Kiriam Chi? & The Blackbyrds …

Rip van Winkel would probably have his work cut out with me … I mean, maintaining his reputation and the legend of the man who falls asleep and wakes up twenty years later to find out the world has changed… Continue Reading →

Poetry Of Spring …

When you see the first Arum Lily in Cape Town you know Spring is on its way … It always surprises though, how early it peeks through the cold of July … barely a month, if that, after the Winter… Continue Reading →

Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika

My wife sent me an email just now … have a look, she wrote … It was a Facebook post by someone called Michael Vlismas after he ran his first Two Oceans Ultra-Marathon. The Two Oceans is Cape Town’s ultra-marathon …… Continue Reading →

And Now The Autumn Rain …

This week has been classical Autumn in Cape Town … ! A South Easter initially, rising black over False Bay, lightening into gray as it reaches the Muizenberg Mountain top, before pouring white, boiling clouds of wild cotton balls and… Continue Reading →

Just Enough …

Even decades after arriving here, Autumns in Cape Town never cease to amaze me … they just have something about them, and no matter how many articles you may try to read or write about them, they are never enough… Continue Reading →

The Lady & The Dog

Autumn is a season that seems to want to say something, something subtle. At least here it is so, leaves turn colour, stiffen, fall – but not in the masses of red leafed classics. The air turns too, with an… Continue Reading →

Rainbows, Empires, Rattlesnakes, Hot Prawns & Mystic Rose

Bohemian Cape Town is exploding … ! Go to the Old Biscuit Mill or whatever it is called in the Salt River/Woodstock area at nine on a Saturday morning and you struggle to find parking. Everywhere there are organic markets,… Continue Reading →

Venus Of Another Sky …

It is a beautiful evening. Venus is in a serene sky, its familiar shining oval helps one orientate oneself, even from ten thousand miles away. When I look up at it I know exactly how my quiet street in Cape… Continue Reading →

The Cat And The Donkey … And A Few Other Things.

I heard a child’s voice: ecco il bosco! (here is the forest … ) That is what I think it is too, il bosco. It is actually an avenue of trees planted by my late uncle, who seems to have… Continue Reading →

The Universality Of Post Offices … Whereas Freckles & Red Hair!?

This morning we have had a number of things to do … Among these payments … Pagate al ufficio postale …(please pay at the Post Office, was the raccomandazione). There must surely be a universal selection law about the Post… Continue Reading →

Bicicletta e Mortadella

Saturday … we have been here almost two weeks and today I finally got the shower sorted out. This hand held thing without a lip at the edge of the shower to stop the water flowing out is impossible. A… Continue Reading →

The Waiting Room

In South Africa you never jump a queue and you never cause a scene. So there we are in the local doctor’s waiting room. He is a character, a personaggio which is the Italian way to describe ‘a character’. Of… Continue Reading →

The Strange Case Of Bread In Italy

Think of Italy and bread is surely foremost in one’s mind … that is what you eat with formaggio, prosciutto, salame, mortadella, coppa, etc. So you would think the Italians eat bread until it comes out their ears!? Think again,… Continue Reading →

The Bear, The Deer And The Moroccan

Coming over I was wondering about the bear … last time I was up in that fairy land, the day before we left, a bear had been sighted. Orso bruno they call it here, the brown bear. Was it still… Continue Reading →

Of Devils, Goats and Dreams …

Whilst South Africa was having a public holiday (16th June) from the other side of the world I accessed the applications I run for key clients … relief, all well! The location independent project is complete, the development of geographical… Continue Reading →

What Happened To All The People You Have Met?

I love this little harbor, I do not even have to mention its name, one can sit and chill on fish and chips and beer or wine. The trains come by, as well as the fishing boats, seagulls and seals…. Continue Reading →

To GMO Or Not To GMO?

On the back of the Teen prodigy article, and with my eye on the Cape Peninsula mountains looking out for the first signs of us becoming Karoo-like due to global warming, I came across another article from one of my other… Continue Reading →

Environment Teen Prodigy!

One of my favourite online magazines is OZY. Perhaps it is because I love that Australian spirit and here in South Africa that land is much spoken about due to our cricket and rugby rivalry among other things, and its… Continue Reading →

Help Save The Amazon

This website may be about Cape Town and South Africa but fundamentally we are Green and Global. Avaaz, for those who do not know of them, is a powerful global petitioning website that has been able to not only influence… Continue Reading →

St Helena

You know those places that you dreamt of going to … ? And Life happened and you never did. St. Helena is one of these places. An island, until recently only reached by the RMS St Helena from a tourism… Continue Reading →

The Future Does Not Stop …

The future just does not stop … ! I was doing my normal morning scan of technology articles in my In Box and one of these that caught my eye was from The Register … They have a colloquial maverick… Continue Reading →

Twilight Skies

Twilight skies stand out as twilight skies when they have a ‘serenity’ about them … Rain less, gusty, wild early evenings with crazy clouds whirling and twirling everywhere inside out, upside down, spouting, foaming do not convey ‘twilight’ in the… Continue Reading →

Muizenberg Man

One day driving down the Blue Route (M3) just after cresting at Bishop’s Court I saw him … ! As clear as the light of the afternoon, when the sky is blue, no cloud anywhere. I blinked and looked again… Continue Reading →

A Song For The Firefighters …

As a Capetonian the fires of the first week of March have left a deep impression on me … As you drive along the Blue Route (M3) Freeway and you look over to Constantiaberg all you see is rust and… Continue Reading →

Clouds of Cape Town …

Cape Town has dramatic clouds … the vault can be perfectly cloudless, at night so much so that the black of the sky is blue … It can be windswept, cleared of every atom of condensation (okay, that is illogical… Continue Reading →

Quirky Cape Town

The bohemian life of Cape Town is one of its lesser known secrets. You can find the quirky and off-beat in many places, unexpected and expected. For example, there is this bread maker that specializes in artisan bread … Open… Continue Reading →


Cape Town is where the Jim Morrison of South Africans came back to life. I am talking about Rodriguez of course! The story of how two South Africans went searching to find out how he had indeed ‘died’ became famous… Continue Reading →

A Horse Called Ice

The other day I went for lunch there where the tree with the light green leaves has shed its soft and delicate autumn leaves, so light that even the slightest breeze can float their graceful shapes up and about …… Continue Reading →

First Drizzles …

The first drizzles have arrived in Cape Town … soft, just a hint of the new season. Soft like the fragile yellow orange leaves of a certain tree that I know well, that even a gentle breeze can lift up… Continue Reading →

A Wisp Of Autumn …

Autumn in Cape Town is special … We live in this blessed Mediterranean climate, of dry summers and wet winters. The winters are cool, sometimes in the early mornings they come close to touching zero but mostly they remain a… Continue Reading →

The Mighty Little Kingdom!

Few people may be aware that Cape Town and its surrounds is one of the six floral kingdoms of the world! Sounds crazy, but that is the scientific case! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Floristic_Region Just our Cape peninsula alone has more bio-diversity than the… Continue Reading →

Short Pants And The Tokoloshe

Terence is from the other side of the country, the Eastern Cape, where Nelson Mandela was born and grew up. Many of the indigenous South Africans living in Cape Town are from the Eastern Cape, long story, too complicated for… Continue Reading →

South African Actor Raising Money To Study In Los Angeles

Willrin Damon is a South African actor who was born and raised in the art industry. His passion is acting and making people laugh. Willrin was born into a family of athletes and artists, creativity was engulfed in his surroundings. Having been raised… Continue Reading →

A Sweet Old Man On A Bicycle

I finally found Yusuf again … This sweet little old man, a Cape Malay, on his bicycle, eighty-seven years old and cycling off to do garden work. I had spotted him by accident, days ago, leaning over his bike, peering… Continue Reading →

The Sexy Curves Of Our Cave Woman Grandmothers!

My good friend Sakkie has a citrus and olive farm in the Cederberg area, Citrusdal, that will feature big time in our destinations. On the farm, through a ravine and up onto a knoll, is a set of ‘bushmen’ paintings…. Continue Reading →

The Fourth Night …

Tonight is the fourth night. All is quiet on this side, not sure what hell is still burning on the other side of the mountains. The South is tired … The South is burnt … Yesterday took the rest out… Continue Reading →

We Watched in Despair

We Watched in Despair We stood and watched in despair. Our beautiful mountain shrouded , as smoke filled the air. We watched the flames defiantly reaching for the sky. We heard the vicious crackling of branches and the Protea bushes… Continue Reading →


The fire last night did not seem at midday what it would turn out to be. Sure there was smoke, something was amiss, but the most that one could see is what the midday image below suggested, nothing! Only the… Continue Reading →

A Little Vineyard By The Sea …

This time we have a quaint oddity that we are writing about … Typically we do not have the small holding vineyards that were once such a fundamental cell in the urban and rural geography of Europe, and still mostly… Continue Reading →

Groot Constantia … Vineyard In The Heart Of A City!

As with Hout Bay, Groot Constantia was one of the places we saw when we drove down in that grey Beetle from Durbs. One of the vineyards in the Southern Suburbs of the Cape Peninsula, along with Buitenverwachting that I… Continue Reading →

Memoirs of a Young Capetonian Abroad – Volume 2

But Aren’t You Scared? The first time I travelled abroad alone I was 16 years old. I boarded a plane to Istanbul, Turkey and it was the best decision I (and my incredibly smart parents) could have made. I took… Continue Reading →

Hout Bay … And The Red Blood Of ‘Tassies In Our Veins

The first time I saw Hout Bay it was from the top of Chapmans Peak Drive. We had driven up from the Noordhoek side before the toll gate of today, in an old grey Beetle, university students down all the… Continue Reading →

Well … The Girls Can Do It!

There are so many beautiful walks in the beautiful Cape. As long as you are vigilant, choose a path that is clear and one of Cape Town’s blue sky moments … which we experience often … you will gift yourself… Continue Reading →

Steps, Snakes And Leaves …

The Signal Steps I knew were a far cry from today … covered in alien trees … They had all but been forgotten, perhaps known only by a few other crazies looking for an exhilarating run off the beaten track…. Continue Reading →

Beyond Expectation …

In the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town there are a handful of prestigious wine estates, all within a few minutes drive from each other. Groot Constantia is by far the most well known but the others are all pearls too,… Continue Reading →

Article No. 30 – Community Summary

Community Summary – A big ‘Thank You’ to all of those who have supported us. This is the 30th article that we have written since the Launch of our website & Facebook Page just two months ago. In this time we… Continue Reading →

Charm of The Cederberg …

Only two hours away from Cape Town … and what an adventure!!! The Cederberg is one of the most interesting places that you would not want to miss out on! The contrast of the Magnificent rugged Mountains, to the magical… Continue Reading →

Trail Running In Cape Town …

We never called it that … Every now and again, on an odd Sunday maybe, we would bump into each other, the handful of us that used to run on the mountain paths on the Cape Peninsula. Young or grizzled,… Continue Reading →

An Alien Star Just Missed Us … !

I took this picture from a favourite spot of mine … the Moon seemed much bigger in real life than it does in the image. The bird was a stroke of luck … flying off to the Moon. One of… Continue Reading →

Memoirs of a Young Capetonian Abroad – Volume 1

There’s no place like home. Especially when your home is Cape Town. And  when Cape Town is home to things like wine routes, pristine beaches, boerewors, rugby and biltong… let me not digress, back to the point. I haven’t been… Continue Reading →

On The Edge Of A Universe …

There is something serene about bird hides; they almost always are at the edge of water, or at least the ones that I have been to. Of these, one of my favourites is Geelbek at the southern edge of Langebaan… Continue Reading →

Hellbird – Cape Town Born Pro Gaming Caster

Hellbird – Cape Town Born Professional Gaming Caster Cape Town is known for it’s Beauty, Controversial History and its many Victories and Victors. One of these Victors is named Hellbird, a Pro Gaming Caster from South Africa, Cape Town. Firstly, what… Continue Reading →

Happy Valentine’s Day Cape Town

Happy Valentine’s Day Cape Town! She is known as the Mother City and as such our thoughts and meanderings of soul would quite naturally bring us to that place of love … How appropriate is it then that as we… Continue Reading →

A Gentle Rain …

With the gentle rain that has fallen in Cape Town I took a break from writing … When I looked again I see we have a new writer who has joined our ranks, with a comedic article about how Cape Town Woman… Continue Reading →

Sexy Cape Town Men (satire)

Sexy Cape Town Men “Yes, I know Dear, the couch, I won’t publish this article”. So one day, as I was looking out of the window from a train in the heart of London on my way to Heathrow airport… Continue Reading →

The Fairest Of Them All

When Sir Francis Drake came by the Cape of Good Hope he was so overwhelmed by its beauty that he called it “… the fairest cape … “. Perhaps he was thinking of some woman at the time, the analogy… Continue Reading →

The Cape Of Good Hope …

Yanty, a friend from Indonesia, asked me today if the legend of the Flying Dutchman was an integral part of our history? This was after having read the article on Cape Point, the funicular being called the Flying Dutchman. http://travelandtourism.capetown/2015/02/09/where-the-ocean-splits-in-two/… Continue Reading →

Where The Ocean Splits In Two …

There is something in us that seeks the definitive … this is the highest point of the tallest mountain, the deepest level of the deepest ocean, the biggest of this, the largest of that etc. I think that is a… Continue Reading →

Bridge With A View …

I have no idea how Alan in the UK knows about the bridge underneath which this view can be seen … !? He knows the whole story, how tall buses and trucks crash into this bridge because they misjudge its… Continue Reading →

The Dog And The Moon …

There is something about rescuing a dog despite all the inconvenience that comes with it. Late last night the dogs were barking so we looked, and there he was, a white dog, with that familiar lost look. We scrambled out… Continue Reading →

A Magical Narrative …

Life is full of Magic … perhaps one only needs to be open to it? Everywhere has its stories, they only need to be told, the stories of Everywhere and Anywhere. Those of you who know these places in these… Continue Reading →

The Birdman Of Kalk Bay

There I was again in the same old place, passing by, and of course, stopping … Normally I would park by the harbour, next to Kalkies, but the boom was down. The other parking area is higher, bare sand and… Continue Reading →

Hey, Where Have You Been?

Haibun are Japanese prose narratives followed by a micro poem called a haiku. Traditionally, these narratives were often travel journals; hence the use of the genre haibun in our articles. I recently wrote a haibun, based on the actual experience of nostalgic trips back… Continue Reading →

The Bend In The Road

Cape Town is full of magical places … there is that moss covered rock face above Kalk Bay that drips in its wet beauty, but that will be for another time … Anyway, I had to go to Fish Hoek… Continue Reading →

The Lady Of The Crazy Silver Hair

Those of you who grew up in Durbs (Durban) and its coastal north and south know the sticky humidity of January, even worse in February … you need to grow up there or to be from tropical or sub tropical… Continue Reading →

The Avocados That Fell On Our Heads

We are Cape Town centric, but that is purely where we start our journeys … and of course we are from a little mostly unknown town on the other side of South Africa, Umkomaas, Made In Italy. A couple of… Continue Reading →

Kalk Bay Chaotic!

Anyone who has been to the Brass Bell in Kalk Bay should automatically recognize this setting! It is in a place that seems to have been there forever. The Brass Bell is literally an old but still active railway station,… Continue Reading →

The Secret Of Lakeside Village

No one really calls it that – but it sure is just that – a natural village, lying between the Main Road to Muizenberg and Boyes Drive. The mountain rises immediately above Boyes Drive so it hangs over you the… Continue Reading →

The Road By The Sea

So today I was back on the coastal road, the day after Ken and I went to Stellenbosch, this time to the airport to meet with Mzi (but that is another story, hey, Mzi … !) The coastal road that… Continue Reading →

When Ziggy Sang His Blues …

There is this beautiful block that is Muizenberg Mountain … It rises up from the flat beach in the image above, dark in the shadows of twilight, resplendent in the dawn of the morning. The sea beneath it was a… Continue Reading →

Of Trains, Surf & Other Things …

(The Umkomaas River mouth where Claude would surf … ) Those who grew up on the South Coast in the Sixties and Seventies will remember the train. With the train you could either go up the line into Durbs to… Continue Reading →

Cap’n Smudge, Black Mac And Our Jolly Pirate Ship

(False Bay from Boyes Drive, just above Bailey’s Grave) Ever felt that you were in a twilight zone, a parallel universe? It sure felt like that when we were on the ‘jolly pirate’ ship (a SA Navy vessel out there… Continue Reading →

And Our Very Own Wind Up Toy Ferrari … !

And yes, we have one of those too … !  I have introduced Ken, our very own Monk who sold his Ferrari, in a previous article. Over a campfire beneath a starry sky in the middle of the Klein Karoo,… Continue Reading →

Our Very Own Monk Who Sold His Ferrari!

We have our own Monk who sold his Ferrari! Most have heard of that famous book, where Materialism without Spiritualism is just a vast sterile emptiness … and how one can find that which is truly meaningful if one is… Continue Reading →

The Bird Killers Of Malta

There are moments when you see or hear about something that is so appalling that you begin to burn inside. Earlier in the day I had seen a news report of modern day slavery in India, the largest democracy in… Continue Reading →

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