There are moments when you see or hear about something that is so appalling that you begin to burn inside.

Earlier in the day I had seen a news report of modern day slavery in India, the largest democracy in the world, where primal DNA throwbacks manage to still enslave generation after generation of families via illegal debts and the threat of violence against the families if they resist the enslavement.

The wonderful community of Indians in South Africa is unfortunately a result of indentured labour brought here in the 18th Century for the sugar cane plantations – slavery by another name.

Slavery is illegal, full stop.

But the vile and the corrupt are in an unholy alliance perpetuating it. Modi needs to do something about this, we are in the 21st Century after all and India is the largest democracy in the world, with Mahatma Gandhi as its founder! There are no excuses …

It is like patent trolls, the vile and the corrupt, an article to follow still.

So when I subsequently saw the news report about the Bird Killers of Malta, enough was enough.

As I have said before we are Green in our ethos, and one of our sister enterprises is the non profit GreenIt!

So as we evolve this enterprise we will probably have more and more Green activism manifesting, without apologies.

The Bird Killers Of Malta …

In a previous article I have written about this bird hide at the southern end of the Langebaan Lagoon, about a comfortable hour drive from the edge of Cape Town.

Birds fly off to Europe from here, and arrive back.

Tiny birds, many of them.

If Paradise is the Geelbek bird hide then I am good with this, it is enough!

Now the island of Malta happens to be a geographically excellent stop over for many of the bird migrations.

But on this island, a component of the EU, are Spring Bird Killers.

It is the only nation in the EU that still persists with such barbarism!

And yes, the relativists and their lawyers will be in your face, what about the fish and the chickens and the cows and the pigs etc that everyone other than vegetarians eat?

Like the slaughter of whales that the Faeroe Islanders engage in, these slaughters are wrapped up in ‘cultural traditions’!

It is our culture, they shout back, foam and blood dripping from their primal mouths.

Much of this has to do with rites of passage where the young bucks jockey for position to attract the most voluptuous of the female species available.

Freud has it right even if he is out of fashion – nothing like being the Number 1 Alpha Male to incentivize the alpha questing genes.

Much of the cruelty that is unleashed in this world is due to some alpha seeking power using religion, ideology, culture, whatever is useful at hand for power lusting.

So the Bird Killers Of Malta no doubt have this somewhere as seed too.

The one who killed the most birds during a Spring would attract the Belle Of The Spring back in the olden days!

Now they have just forgotten how it all started and continue the tradition.

Yes, hunger and the quest for food would no doubt also have been part of this.

But Malta is in the EU, not in some Amazonian setting where hunting is necessary for survival!

Civilization has moved on, the need to assert one’s manhood to attract the female of the species no longer requires the slaughter of poor little creatures on an epic journey of survival across half the globe.

If the Maltese have to resort to bird slaughter for food they would be a pathetic nation given that they have one of the tourist paradises of the world as a Gift from the Cosmos.

They can also keep free range chicken in the kitchen as an alternative!

Worse still, as used to be the practice, these cowardly murderers (well, is that not what they are?) are entitled to come onto your property with their shotguns to perform their vile deeds.

Like a sort of common right of passage if the purpose was to perform the sacrilege of bird slaughter.

So much for The Knights Of St John, the Maltese hopefully will have voted against the Spring Slaughter Entitlement and put an end to what is both shameful and embarrassing to the EU.

Patent trolls, modern day slavists, and bird killers – not much too choose among them as far as a least worst choice.

Copyright G. Rigotti 2015



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