We have our own Monk who sold his Ferrari!

Most have heard of that famous book, where Materialism without Spiritualism is just a vast sterile emptiness … and how one can find that which is truly meaningful if one is brave enough to challenge the norms.

Our Monk is Ken, and if he did not have a Ferrari he had most of the rest of all of that.

One day he had enough, and disappeared into a Buddhist retreat somewhere here in South Africa.

From Chartered Accountant to Buddhist … although even he agrees that perhaps there is a substantial Taoist within him.

Now what could be more strait-jacketed than an accountant … I can only think of an undertaker!?

However, Nonno who is 93, and still like a spring chicken, was telling me about the Undertaker in his village back in Italia.

He was passing by and the Undertaker called out to him to stop and have a glass of wine al fresco.

A jovial fellow, and Nonno could not help but marvel at the marble table beneath the shady tree.

Curious, he looked at the underside of the marble and saw it was a tombstone with a RIP!

So perhaps even undertakers are less grim than accountants, albeit it they have a black sense of humour!

Ken did his Buddhist (or Taoist) thing and one day came back.

He is this tall lanky fellow, a Branson look-alike, as maverick and unusual as they come, even though he tells us, his fellow directors, how we need to be structured in business … !?

But we should not be fooled, the man is strategically structured, efficient and effective …

He is our tourist expert, albeit as maverick and unusual as they come, with a love of Nature and a photographic eye which is filling up our website with magnificent image content.

Ken will take you on mountain trails, through the fynbos, have you camped under starry skies where the Southern Cross reassures you that you will never ever be lost, and the magic of the experience reaches deep into the last atom of your Soul …

The camp fire will crackle, and his few days of stubble will sparkle and glint in the flicker of flame, he will tell you stories right through the night until the pale of Dawn appears at your outdoor window …

Copyright © 2015 G. Rigotti




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