Anyone who has been to the Brass Bell in Kalk Bay should automatically recognize this setting!

It is in a place that seems to have been there forever.

The Brass Bell is literally an old but still active railway station, put to even better use as a place where you can eat and drink with the sea breeze in your face.

Kalk Bay is just full of places to eat and drink, to stroll through, Bohemian, colourful.

All sorts walk by, from the ‘normal’ through to long-haired hippie types, surfers through to grannies.

Street urchins drum on tins and plastics, sing songs for your money.

Buskers with guitars play in the subway to the Brass Bell, at times even with their kids hanging about their legs!

Down in the harbour itself is Kalkies, where you can buy value for money fish and chips, swig it down with beer or wine whilst the seagulls and the seals try to attract your attention and your left overs.

One of the waitresses is a legend, she calls a spade a spade, and is natural entertainment. She pretends that you are annoying her, misbehaving, and deserving of a scolding.

Where you come from does not impress her: Germany, France, Italy, UK, USA …

Do not bother to protest as you will not get a word in edge ways: just enjoy the fish and chips, the beer or the wine …

Afterwards you can stroll along the sea barrier to where the fishermen surrender to the sea washing up into their minds and carrying them off to dream horizons: the actual catch is immaterial.

This one has been there for a while, his wife gave up trying to reach him on his cell. Gone fishing takes on a whole new dimension!

From the sea barrier you can look back across the water to where the train rolls by, up into the higher parts of Kalk Bay, the quaint homes creeping up the slopes.

And higher still into the fynbos above Boyes Drive, and up into the Kalk Bay mountains.

That secret place, the rock face-dripping wet in green moss, is up there in a forest within a ravine …

Then at twilight fly to the moon on a seagull …


Copyright © 2015 G. Rigotti






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