Cape Town is full of magical places … there is that moss covered rock face above Kalk Bay that drips in its wet beauty, but that will be for another time …

Anyway, I had to go to Fish Hoek this afternoon – ‘had to’ is not really the right phrase, any excuse to drive those blessed handful of False Bay hugging kilometers!

From Lakeside Village you can go either along the Main Road, the low road, or over Boyes Drive, the high road.

Down and close to the waves rolling in or up high overlooking the entire expanse of bay.

It all depends on your mood – in Spring the whales are more visible from the high road.

On the other hand the rush of a full moon spring tide is best experienced on the low road, its white foam coming at you …

Coming back from Fish Hoek I took the low road, through the Bohemian strip that is Kalk Bay through to Muizenberg.

This area celebrates the maverick and the unusual … it is a colourful feast of both Nature and Humanity.

Julian says I am obsessed about it … in some rare instances I am in agreement with him.

As you approach Muizenberg you see its quaint seafront.

It will always be quaint no matter what development takes place, Muizenberg has a will of its own.

And just before Casa Labia the road bends substantially … but it is really more like a pronounced curve, and the word curve is a far more graceful and accurate description of the bend.

Denise first brought my attention to the perspective: you can see the waves from behind as they rush towards the shore, she said.

Unless you surf or wave ski or whatever you would not normally see this – but this is the view for anyone passing by, surfer or not.

There is something about the energy of the waves, they get there so effortlessly!?

That strikes a Taoist chord – the concept of ‘action without action’, achieving without even trying to.

Certainly from the front view it is all very dramatic as the wave crashes and smashes.

But from behind it is a surge, rising as if not even bothering to, confident that nothing will stop it …

And therein is a message for all of us … finding the graceful curve in our Life road, that gives us the perspective to surge, rising as if not even bothering to, confident that nothing will stop us …

Life’s resistance

                              the wave can surge in us


Copyright © 2015 G. Rigotti



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