I have no idea how Alan in the UK knows about the bridge underneath which this view can be seen … !?

He knows the whole story, how tall buses and trucks crash into this bridge because they misjudge its height and do not pay attention to the road sign …

But then he is one of the Western gurus on exotic subjects such as Japanese poetry … !?

So if he knows stuff like that … why not stuff like this!?

The bergies (homeless) find refuge underneath the bridge:

                                          early train blankets stir beneath a bridge

Now Cartier, a haiku poet, is intrigued about this bridge because it comes up in stuff I write about, and she asked about it …

The bridge itself is, well, just a bridge that the early trains will rumble over … so I thought that to give it justice, rather what you can see from the bridge …

So here you are Cartier, a bridge with a view, if one was homeless why not have a view to go with it!

The valley in between is called Peck’s Valley, to its right is Muizenberg Mountain, where I took Ziggy and Co. when he once again sang his blues …


The palm is hiding Muizenberg Man but more about him some other time …

Plus I have fond memories of pushing him around in his pram in this area when he was more manageable … !

He is the kid in the toy ferrari in the article below by the way … auto didactic, and he runs (and rules) this web site …



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