There is something in us that seeks the definitive … this is the highest point of the tallest mountain, the deepest level of the deepest ocean, the biggest of this, the largest of that etc.

I think that is a good thing … !?

Cape Point is this mythical point that divides the oceans, the Indian to the east as you gaze southwards, the Atlantic to the west.

The Indian is warmer, the Atlantic (down here at least) colder.

The Benguela Current, bone cracking cold, sweeps up north on the West side of South Africa, the warmer current of the Indian Ocean, sweeping up north around the south and then the east coast of South Africa.

We like to simplify … !

Maybe there is an actual rock at Cape Point where if you sit on it, your left foot is in the Indian Ocean, your right foot is in the Atlantic Ocean.

Actually I have had my left foot in one mighty South African river, the Vaal, and my right foot in that of another mighty South African river, the Orange.

This at a place called Douglas a gazillion miles from Cape Point …

Romancing the event, the location, the moment is all part of Life. This is the best wine ever, the best cheese ever, the best green olive ever … !

Make no mistake though, Cape Point, a short drive out of Cape Town, along sea hugging coastal routes on the Cape Peninsula, is magnificent, regardless of whether or not it does split the ocean into two …

Along the way, depending on the route you take you will go through Simon’s Town, the home of the South African navy.

Just past Simon’s Town is the famous Boulders Beach, mostly windless even in the strongest of winds, and the home of penguins.

Experiencing penguins is the quid pro quo for penguins experiencing you … they are intrigued by us, in our roly-poly swim outfits, or six pack abs with sunglasses – a strange species, those humans!?

In the Universal Declaration Of Penguin Rights (the UDPR), iced up at the United Penguin Nations in Antarctica there is a clause to not treat other penguins as if they are humans.

I think it is Article 56 Below Zero, the other 55 articles are about how to eat fish and sit properly on eggs for max incubating effect. Important stuff like that – not which designer lenses to fit the angle of the sun on one’s abs.

Past Boulders is where the baboons hang out … just above Smitswinkel Bay, where a few shacks down below host weekends of paradise and rock fishing.

Baboons are actually smarter than penguins too, so we are even way below them.

At the Black Marlin restaurant on route, a baboon noticed that the food supply trucks would knock at the back door so that this would open for the deliveries.

One day the owner of the restaurant heard a knock on the back door, and thought, that is odd, he had not heard any truck arrive?

And there he was, a very smart baboon, knocking on the back door, so that the food stuff could start flowing in and out!

Not sure if this is a real story but it was reported in one of our local newspapers!

And if I recall it was not 1st April.

Once you are past Smitswinkel Bay you will reach the entrance to the Cape Point Nature Reserve.

There is an entrance fee but we will sort all that out with our tours.

If you were in Magic before, you will continue in Magic and More.

At some breath taking moment, after you have been up the Flying Dutchman Funicular, and are sitting at the Two Oceans Restaurant, sipping some chilled white wine, you will look down into the ocean below you, and I would say let the moment carry you away … believe what you wish, and why not that the rocks below split the oceans in two, and that there is one magical rock there that would have your left foot in the warm Indian Ocean, and your right foot in the cold Atlantic Ocean?

Just remember to sit facing the seas …

Copyright © 2015 G. Rigotti



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