With the gentle rain that has fallen in Cape Town I took a break from writing …

When I looked again I see we have a new writer who has joined our ranks, with a comedic article about how Cape Town Woman satirically ensures complete dominance over Cape Town Man in the most extraordinary of ways.

A bit of tongue in cheek, but the article did surprisingly well while I was distracted by the rain lightly teasing and tickling my cheeks.

So this article is also written as a bit of tongue in cheek … just to show the new guy who’s boss :)

Female dominance is actually far more widespread than Cape Town though … as our garden help said to me, the government has given the power to the ladies!

Coincidentally, today is the release day of that movie, 50 Shades Of Grey or something like that, in South Africa.

Tomorrow is also Valentine’s Day.

The coincidence is too much, this must have been deliberate commercial timing.

Not my type of movie, but everyone to their own, as long as it is both safe and consensual.

South Africa has one of the most advanced constitutions in the world as far as the promotion of individual freedom and human rights are concerned.

Domestic violence against women has sharply reduced – an abusive male partner can expect to be promptly arrested if abuse is reported to the police.

The other side of the coin is that perhaps there is some karma, and payback time.

As the garden help explained, if a woman gives her male partner a klap (smack) it is unlikely that he will report it – the police will merely laugh at him!

Perhaps for many that may be a well deserved klap!

After all even the new Pope has suggested that a disciplinary parental klap is okay if it preserves the dignity of the child receiving the klap!

And are husbands and boyfriends not children? Do we ever grow up?

So there you are, by divine sanction … these children after all can retain their dignity by taking it like a man. A bit absurd, I know.

What is also divine is a gentle rain … when it is so gentle that you walk outside with just a light jersey, just enough of jersey to keep the smile on your face as you look up at the sky …

As a lover of rain, Cape Town in the rain, its roads glistening in the evening lights, why, that is indeed perfectly divine … !

Maybe next time the rain distracts me, another something new will take me by surprise … and in fact tonight it rained again and once again, twice in one day I was pleasantly surprised. I was informed that we have another writer too … a lovely young Cape Town attorney who teaches English in Thailand.

She will bring a different but culturally Romantic opinion to the Table:

‘The Memoirs of a Young Capetonian, Abroad’

Please warmly welcome Chante’ to the Capo Romantico bloggers group!




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