Sexy Cape Town Men

“Yes, I know Dear, the couch, I won’t publish this article”.

So one day, as I was looking out of the window from a train in the heart of London on my way to Heathrow airport I had this new realization …

I was on route back to Good Old Cape Town, South Africa.

It was then that I had my epiphany and I thought about it all the way to Cape Town … on the train and then eventually on the plane – flying  Good Old South African Airways departing from Heathrow.

When you fly in over beautiful False Bay and you have been gone for a while, you begin to realize that a while can be a lot longer then you think.

In Europe as you fly in you see millions of little patches of land of all different colors, charming as they are intersected by small towns and villages …

However in Cape Town it is different, as you fly in you see the huge  metropolitan expanse and the vast green and brown Earth tones contrasting against the bluest sea and whitest beaches … ah, the South African landscape … the Cape Fold Mountains seemingly bow to you in the distance as if to say welcome home. It is at this point that it hits you, your heart melts with anticipation to get off that plane as you know that you are home.

But an observation must be made.

Here is a typical outlook from say a typical South African male:

Well, over the years, I have not had much success with women …

I have had several long term relationships and I have loved furiously. Quantity was never a problem for me, it was retention.

I have now found a lovely girl to settle down with from Cape Town and she makes me extremely happy, but it has been a very long journey to get to this point.

You see, I am an average looking guy, with an average  job and an abnormal romantic streak within me … so this article is as painful for me to write as it is to publish but it simply has to be said for the good of men everywhere.

In Europe as a South African male, you get laid. Go to Europe … seriously dudes … go.

I am not sure why entirely, well at least in the beginning … but you see, the world is not about circumstance, it is more about positioning.

In South Africa, the average male earns about R20 000 per month ($2000), is fairly well proportioned and is generally quite tolerant of peoples’ cultures, but what makes him different as a male is that he is subjected to the typical Capetonian women. (Love you baby, don’t get angry with me for writing this article I don’t want to sleep on the couch again!)

I was born and raised in Cape Town and when I went to spend a summer in Europe I made a very interesting discovery: South African Men have the reputation of being charming, great in bed, tolerant and with the most commonly stereotyped trait, extremely hard workers.

Now if you ask any Capetonian Woman that exact same question, she will most likely tell you the opposite and we should be glad that she does!

Now, I think that you know where I am going with this … but very simply our Beautiful Daughters of the Cape make it their life’s mission to improve their men to the highest standards using advanced military tactics known as giving men an extremely hard time … all the time … like forever … and they do this because they, well, because they love us!

Our Cape Town girls are some of the most beautiful ladies in the world, trust me I have been all over the world on business and the ladies from the Cape compare with the best …

Ironically…The a strange ripple effect over land has taken place, so RSA men, don’t be to sad if your lady finds a better model because there is always London.

Now we need to thank these Beauties because if it was not for their incredibly high standards, us South African men would never have the opportunities that we have abroad.

You see by condemning us to a life of hard work and standards that are considered impossible to reach by mortal means, they have got us to about 90% of where the rest of women in the world want us to be.

So on behalf of myself and the Ladies in London we would like to thank you for your efforts of creating the perfect bread of man, the Local is lekker South African Male…

… and we are better then shopping for a new sports bra … we come in more colours :)

I am sorry to say this Ladies of the Cape but we are sought after abroad … it’s sad but true.

Is it our enticing accents or our R12-00 a can Axe deodorant?

We can’t say for sure …

All  that we can say is that the only thing more sought after abroad than a South African male is a South African woman!






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