Happy Valentine’s Day Cape Town!

She is known as the Mother City and as such our thoughts and meanderings of soul would quite naturally bring us to that place of love …

How appropriate is it then that as we celebrate the day of love, we think of her as She gently dresses Her Table with her billowing cloth of white cloud and decorates it with one of the most prolific variety of fragile mountain flowers, fragrant fynbos and colours of the bold Protea.

Our gentle rolling Mountains frame the azure pristine water of her Seas as Dolphin, Whales and Great White Sharks remind us of the power of life she supports.

And on the white sands we walk hand in hand and share this Day of Valentine and marvel at the magic space we find ourself in, whispering, with the gentle salty breeze in our faces and the warm glow of golds as the Sun dips to bow to this sacred moment of love shared.

To experience this is one of Romance that none can compare … Our Mother City …



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