I took this picture from a favourite spot of mine … the Moon seemed much bigger in real life than it does in the image.

The bird was a stroke of luck … flying off to the Moon.

One of those magical twilights, the sea heaving beyond the breakwater, the Hottentots Holland Mountains across False Bay morphing into that soft purple with aura of sunset.

This is a beautiful place …

But so too is every other place on this Watery Planet!

Now why would I say that …?

The reason I say that is after reading the article posted below – anywhere on Earth should be considered Paradise in the bigger scheme of things:


Imagine that … an alien star almost took us off the Humanity Freeway that we were on as a species!

In the context of SpaceTime we are hardly a drop in its ocean!

Cosmically speaking the Alien Star missed us by a teenie-weenie fraction only!

What is a light year or two as far as the Cosmos is concerned?

Furthermore, as 3D sensing beings we have a human-bias perception of Reality, whatever that may be in an absolute sense.

Like an ant crawling along a flat surface we have no real idea of the context we are truly in.

So is there an impatient alien watching us, about to wipe us off the surface of our existence because we are annoying it!?

Or are we being watched by, say, a Jain like alien, compassionately aware of all that is sentient? (The Jains lived about four thousand years ago and came up with an amazing seven point view of reality which includes fuzzy logic used in current computer science and also characteristics of quantum physics – now how on Earth did they do that!?)

One of a myriad sols missed us by a mere light year a mere seventy thousand years or so ago!

The male ancestor of us all, our biological ‘Adam’, is estimated to have lived about two hundred thousand years or so ago:


Our biological Eve is estimated to have lived between one hundred and two hundred thousand years ago:


Okay, how does that work, if Adam lived before Eve … ?

Not a problem, in the consideration of genes and DNA it is not quite Boy Meets Girl so we do not need to worry about trying to figure out the literal meaning of how Adam could have lived before Eve and still be her Adam … the Y-chromosomal and the Mitochondrial evidence in us enables scientists to figure out such answers!

It is an ironical paradox that despite us all sharing a unique Adam and Eve, biologically speaking, the slaughter we impose upon each other still continues?

Of course, family infighting is a universal in us, from Patagonia to Papua New Guinea, Padova to Palermo, Pofadder to Polokwane!

So this red dwarf star and its brown dwarf companion could have wiped out the sons and daughters of biological Adam and Eve, more than two thirds of the way into the human experiment!

Albeit as a layman, it is always exciting to hear about the next ‘earth like’ planet that has been discovered by astronomers.

These fall into the ‘Goldilocks’ zones, not too big, not too small, but as you read about what these planets may look like, the harshest desert on Earth would be an uber-hyper-super-Amazon in comparison!

The Mars 1 project, be it purely a scam for another reality TV program or not, has all the potential of a suicidal mission to Mars.


This does not stop even the more rational profiles in the selected ‘one hundred’ to dream about setting their radiation dosed feet on the surface of Mars, given that space technology does not yet seem to have a solution on how to journey to Mars without absorbing deadly doses of radiation.

One ‘astro-physics’ student, a twenty four year old, cannot wait to be the first woman to give birth on Mars!?

I had to read that statement a few times, and the fact that she is described as a ‘student’ and not as, say, in the process of doing a PhD, makes me wonder if she has merely signed up for some online course on astronomy for non degree purposes as instant credibility!?

Now if she reads this article and sends me Greens Theorem in all its twenty four page glory of mathematical notation I will really have egg all over my face … :)

What is worrying is that Elon Musk, as visionary as he is with his SpaceX program, does not ‘seem’ to be at the forefront of Mars 1.

Yes, SpaceX may be the preferred space ship supplier at the moment for Mars 1, but Elon Musk is not up there going on about the colonizing project of Mars 1 as if Mars 1 were his Project!?


Maybe I am wrong, and of course it would make perfect business sense to have a crowd funded Client prepared to pay for the preparation of such trips, so by all means SpaceX, go for it … and good luck in developing better and better space payload delivery capacity (rocket ships and stuff like that … )

Or maybe this is Elon Musk at his finance raising best … !? Invisible behind Mars 1?

Elon Musk, all the way from South Africa, is someone that all South Africans can be proud of –  even if he is not from Cape Town.

I would nonetheless have preferred to have rounded the Cape of Storms with Diaz, rather than soak up lethal radiation doses for a few miserable sickly months of wondering what absurd notion brought me to the Red Planet in such a primal state of life supporting technology!?

At least holding onto driftwood in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean seems to be more logical than a one-way ticket to Mars …

That said there might indeed be urgency for the human species to have a sample of us off onto some other planet or another, and have a child on Mars …

In the Middle Ages the cross bow was banned as weapon of destruction – today we have nukes bristling in underground silos just a press of a button away from unleashing Apocalypse Now.

All it needs is some Mad Man (it will not be a Woman), with an ego the size of our Sol, to cause that button to be pressed.

If that were not bad enough, and if that can somehow be contained, climate change might be yet another apocalyptic threat.

Is it Man Made or Natural!? Again, definitely not Woman Made, they are far too smart.

Those who say it is Natural call those who say it is Man-Made pseudo scientists and far worse.

When you view the comments online All The Trolls Of The Universe come out!

Those of the Right, those of the Left, insults are the order of the day even if some sport Phds.

Now when I watch that seagull take off and fly on to the Moon, with the scent of the sea in my face, the patient fisher folk of Kalk Bay baiting up and casting into that heaving swell running at the breakwater – the twilight, purple before it yellows and blues, I think we are living an ephemeral moment, and we may end up being hardly a drop in a Space-Time ocean.

If we mess this up too soon, the chances are that the ‘earth like’ planets that we hope could be future destinations for our survival may not yet be in our reach.

If they are within our reach, our Sacred Images will be of seagulls flying off to the Moon as we watch them with the scent of the sea in our faces, breathing in, breathing out, freely, without technological head gear and anti-radiation double thick Skins  …

So, any place on our Watery Planet is Paradise even if we have turned some into Hell. Q.E.D.

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