Community Summary – A big ‘Thank You’ to all of those who have supported us.

This is the 30th article that we have written since the Launch of our website & Facebook Page just two months ago.

In this time we have acquired well over 3000 Likes, making our page one of the fastest growing in the industry.

For those of you who have been with us from the beginning, well, many of you have become an integral part of our community…

However everyone in our community has provided us with insight into how we are going to market our new products down the line & further include you in social engagement

Furthermore we have written sometimes unusual articles and we have posted often strange information within our social groups.

We have not done this for purposes unknown….we have done so in order to test and acquire feedback from your engagement with us.

We believe that we are now getting a real feel for what our community desires and we are now in the process of packaging tours based on the social interest and engagement within our & Facebook Groups.

Sooooo.. please expect a brand new set of tours and products coming your way in the near future.

This may include Shark Cage Diving & Tour Guide Training.

Our Management has requested that we start to refocus on what has worked & discard the rest for now.

According to our metrics, the public interest has definitely fallen on the scenic parts of Cape Town whereby our political, entertainment & philosophical posts have fallen short. Please stay tuned for more scenic Cape Town stories & reviews.

We will be putting the online shop on the back burner for a while as to investigate what you want from us at the prices that you want from us.

Our new focus is to streamline what we know already works and what we can provide in terms of service in the near future.

We did not expect to grow this fast  and we understand our responsibility to the community as an exciting new start up.

Our vision is to create the Online Kalk Bay of Travel & Tourism by selling unusual products and by providing unique services.

Because our routes are based in software development, you can be sure that at some stage we will be introducing relevant software into the mix.

For that reason, we are entertaining the notion that the Facebook Page should be called ‘Cape Town Creative’ (in order to cater for all of the different products popping up from our creative department)

…thus, at his point we are not sure what our business is going to grow into 5 years from now, but we are certain of the direction it is taking.

What we know for sure is that this business is going to become the portal to a variety of Cape Town  based entrepreneurial ventures.

And we want you all to be a part of it in as many ways that we can provide engagement for you.

So to conclude, we will continue to try to be as transparent as possible, so that you will always know what is coming down the line…Thus our products can be seen as built by the Soul – Essence of your engagement within the community and with us.

So please do not be shy to contact us about anything!

Have a Great Day Further.

Rocking Regards,

The Capo Romantico Staff



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