In the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town there are a handful of prestigious wine estates, all within a few minutes drive from each other.

Groot Constantia is by far the most well known but the others are all pearls too, even if lesser known.

Buitenverwachting (translation:‘Beyond Expectation’) is one of these:

One of the ‘wow’ pieces of information about this estate is that some of the scenes of ‘Blood Diamonds’ starring Leonardo di Caprio were shot here.

The vineyard where the character of Di Caprio meets up with his ex-commander is easily recognizable.

‘Blood Diamonds’ is one of those romantic stories that are totally understated.

One of the last scenes, shot at the V&A, where Jennifer Connolly is on the satellite to Di Caprio as he lies dying on some remote African mountainside is memorable, the mass of Table Mountain as a backdrop.

There is something about the eyes of Jennifer Connolly that can be used to good effect in such a scene …

As you drive into Buitenverwachting you drop down into a meadow like area.

Horses tend to be seen within the palisades, not sure exactly why, and that in itself is not important – their presence is sufficient!

We are looking at classy wines here, this is a showpiece wine estate.

The normal wine tasting, where you can read about Di Caprio as well, is everything that you would expect, from the wooden panels to the fine wines.

The estate harks back to 1773 and in 1825 grew massively by ninety thousand newly planted vines.

Ninety thousand … ! For a non agricultural type like me that seems as large as a gazillion!

The pleasant surprise, for a warm summer day, with just a hint of breeze to refresh, is the picnic area.

The grass is thick and green, the oaks tall and classic, you can sip and taste until the mellowness of it all has you gently doze off into a peaceful slumber …




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