There are so many beautiful walks in the beautiful Cape.

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As long as you are vigilant, choose a path that is clear and one of Cape Town’s blue sky moments … which we experience often … you will gift yourself an uplifting and exhilarating experience!

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These beautiful blue mountains have trails that go on for days, or ones that are suited for your fitness level and will take but a day.

The flora and fauna have hidden treasures behind every rock and the occasional Diamond Shell Tortoise or Dassie (rock rabbit) will also add to the highlight of the adventure.

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To watch a Dung beetle battle his load up an incline is something to see and admire, work of sheer determination and strength.

Occasionally you may even cross the lazy path of a Puff Adder although I would not linger too long or interfere with this inhabitant!

To stop and refresh yourself in the shade of a cave’s opening while you rest your eyes on the vista ahead is a sight that catches the breath and makes you want to breath deeper.

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So Ladies, if it is one of those days when you want to escape or a moment with the family to remind us of why we are truly on this Planet, there should be no excuses … enjoy!!!



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