We Watched in Despair

We stood and watched in despair.

Our beautiful mountain shrouded , as smoke filled the air.

We watched the flames defiantly reaching for the sky.

We heard the vicious crackling of branches and the Protea bushes near by.

Our hearts cried out for the scuttling porcupine and the slow brave tortoise as their feet burnt on glowing ash.

The wild cried out to warn their young…

How dangerously close the rising heat and threat had become

Would we run… our race that caused the flame?

Was this a lesson for us or are we insane?

-This, we did not have time to ponder as suddenly our attentions turned to follow a new wonder.

Dwarfed by flames, The human race, tormented and challenged nature at it’s own pace.

We watched in awe as Man danced to the rhythm of heat and retreat

We watched the flame reducing itself to the height of our feat.

Then the brave men and their iron birds left the skies, the powerful throb, now distant..

As we waved goodbye.




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