Willrin Damon is a South African actor who was born and raised in the art industry.

His passion is acting and making people laugh.

Willrin was born into a family of athletes and artists, creativity was engulfed in his surroundings.

Having been raised in this environment, he started performing at the age of twelve.

Willrin performed solos in schools, sang in “Centurion Kids Choir” and recorded a cover of Elvis Presley’s “Crazy Little Thing We Call Love”.

Music was also played at a young age with piano, drums, and saxophone.

Willrin Damon is a well-versed man. He played golf, cricket and rugby, which conditioned him to practice, to be disciplined and to work towards any achievement one sets one’s mind to.

Willrin’s will and drive is an inspiration and certainly rubs off on those around him.

His passion is for the thing that gives him butterflies. That passion is acting.

It drives him to continue learning the craft so he can drive people on screen; to lure the audience into the voyeur experience in an emotional ride.

Ultimately, he wants to give back to people what his predecessors have given him – hope. Willrin wants to use his work not only to fulfill his heart, but to speak and be a role model to the people of
South Africa and around the world.

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