The first drizzles have arrived in Cape Town … soft, just a hint of the new season.

Soft like the fragile yellow orange leaves of a certain tree that I know well, that even a gentle breeze can lift up and blow into the air …

Autumn is mostly a gentle season here.

The last of the summer wind will have a few more occasional statements to make but its time has come, and it will have to wait its turn now.

The new wind that will come is the North Wester.

She will appear in gray black clouds over the Cape Peninsula but she too must wait her full turn, Autumn, in its understated way will have her time now.

Over the mountains Autumn will appear as soft gray cloud, more mist than cloud, a veil that graces the rocks – it is rocks and the burnt fynbos up there now after the wild fires we have had.

Her drizzles only serve to emphasise her gentle nature, gathering in the harvest of the flow of time.

In the Cape Peninsula vineyards the harvests will have started taking place, you almost do not notice them. Further out in the Stellenbosch and Paarl areas you see the tractors with their carts piled high in grape as you drive your normal daily life.

Once the wine has fermented sufficiently it is drinkable, filled with newness, perhaps not rounded off yet, but drinkable.

It has in it the understated character of a Cape Town autumn. Nothing dramatic, just enough to be distinctive, not overbearing in any way.

The primadonnas are Summer and Winter that like to express themselves in fiery ways, be it in wild winds and fires, or wild winds and storms.

Autumn, like its sister Spring, have quieter ways to be who they are.

Drizzle seems to be one of the common characteristics of both, along with mists … especially in May and September.

Drizzle is deceptive – in a peaceful beneficial way – just enough to provide moisture, even an ant is not overwhelmed by the tiny little water particles that fall upon it.

You can walk out with a light jersey, and enjoy the quiet little specks of wet that will glisten on the top of your hair (for those who have hair on their heads of course … ) or glisten on your outstretched hand.

Gentle is graceful, yet gentle persistence is powerful, sustainable, it can go on for ever …

And drizzle, Autumn’s quiet words, helps you believe that …

Copyright © 2015 G. Rigotti




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