Twilight skies stand out as twilight skies when they have a ‘serenity’ about them …

Rain less, gusty, wild early evenings with crazy clouds whirling and twirling everywhere inside out, upside down, spouting, foaming do not convey ‘twilight’ in the sense that you would expect ‘twilight’ to be.

Something about twilight demands serenity …

Day yielding peacefully to Night.

Perhaps ‘yielding’ is the wrong word, too suggestive of dominance, so ‘handing over’ would be better.

There is collaboration between Night and Day … Day says, okay, Night, here we go, gently does it.

Good job Day, you kept the Wind in check, let’s look at a sky canvas themed ‘Serene’, says Night.

There is a call made to Sirius, the First Star.

Right your turn, Sirius, you are the closest star to the Earthlings at four point something light years away.

Sirius likes the twilight sky, first out, before Venus.

Or maybe it is the other way around? Even more determination on the part of Sirius then.

The Moon has made an early appearance, a blue sky ghost as an afternoon moon.

After all Venus is up there in its arc, and she has something about her.

Look, the Moon dominates even as a crescent in a limpid twilight sky.

But with Venus alongside it gives that extra, an X factor if it really needed it – which it does not. But as the Japanese have it, ‘continuous improvement’ in the strive for Perfection …

In Cape Town the serene sky is serene. Actually, even if windswept by the South Easter with no cloud.


The South Easter can be exceptionally cloudless – sort of like a boastful dig at all the other winds, I mean, with all that turmoil that you can vent up there, you could upset a lot of atoms into condensation.

Yet the South Easter can be Absolute Blue Sky.

Autumn is neutral so the South Easter is not forbidden.

The North Wind though has to be quiet – this guy will mess up the twilight sky with excessive cloud turmoil, destroying Serenity.

He just does not have finesse when he gets power obsessed.

So all good if no wind  - or if the North Wind wants in, then gently please.

Okay, so there is the Moon  - and Venus or Sirius or both – maybe only minutes separate them from their first sparkles.

The South Easter chose to take the day off, and the North Wind is behaving itself too.

So hardly a breath of air … and Serenity sets in.

These celestial bodies are only too happy to exploit the Earthlings … you want Serene, you are going to get Serene, so that you can soften up and write poetry down there instead of blasting each other to Kingdom Come in some other wasteful ’cause’ or another.

As patronizing as these celestial bodies may seem us human apes would give any kindergarten teacher a run for her money …

Anyway, there is serious stuff up in the sky, like an orchestra really, the main instruments starting off and the gazillions of stellar presences all awaiting their turns.

To make a twilight sky, when you have the mountains of the Cape Peninsula to play black silhouette with, you want to leverage the max there.

We want the high resolution of branches  and even leaves in the silhouette, so Atmosphere is given a specific role to play to help ensure that.

Earthlings must marvel at the resolution, the ridiculous notion of being able to see the outline of branches and even of leaves, the branches at distance, the leaves for the fore ground vegetation.


The Moon starts grabbing the attention, Venus and Sirius begin to sparkle.

Separation is good, it conveys the idea that up in that vast sky is just a ‘half moon’, a sparkle here and a sparkle there.

You can see the Earthlings start to chill … homeward bound even the most crass is experiencing a spiritual moment.

Fewer road rage incidents tonight!

The scene is set and it is now child’s play to lull the Earthlings … less trouble tonight at dinner and there after.

There is that fella down there with his smartphone clicking away …he is obsessed about Muizenberg Man and on his way home of course he stops by the palms to shoot him again, this time in the twilight.

Sue walks by and he greets her, Hey Sue, lovely evening!

By the way do you see that man on the mountain, Sue?

Oh yes, I saw him the moment I moved in here, Sue tells him.

Oh, wow, that is amazing – did you ever tell anyone about it?

No, it is so obvious I just assumed everyone knows about him. What is the big deal!?

So there are two Earthlings at least who have seen Muizenberg Man, although Sue was not fast asleep like the other one with the camera who took a couple of decades and a half to spot him … she saw him immediately!

It is indeed a beautiful twilight sky in Cape Town …


Copyright © 2015 G. Rigotti



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