The future just does not stop … !

I was doing my normal morning scan of technology articles in my In Box and one of these that caught my eye was from The Register …

They have a colloquial maverick way of looking at tech, not shy to not bow and scrape to Tech Mother Superiors  …

There is positive disruptive energy in non-violent maverick-ness … in tech articles it is sort of the equivalent of satire in other more classical disciplines.

The non-violent Maverick is a catalyst to loosen up attitudes and conventions.

Shakers of trees, to have the dead and dying wood fall off …

Much of the world goes from A to B via any number of intervening five thousand character hieroglyphic sets that are no longer relevant in the New World of today, already different to yesterday’s New World.

If you are going to use five thousand character hieroglyphic sets to get from A to B then make sure they are Chinese or South Korean or Japanese.

Our tech stable is the (unholy) combo of Google and MicroSoft – quality open source and premium proprietary.

The younger wannabee brother head to head to with a previous maverick older brother.

In the Age of Dinosaurs there was IBM, a monolithic dark suit and tie monstrosity that froze the yuppies into mind sets that had their hippie parents roll their eyes in horror.

Mind you, perhaps the yuppies were really just the aging hippies who gave up … !?

Whilst we would prefer they tolerate each other, at least for family reunions, the competition between Google and Microsoft is healthy for us consumers.

Google keeps pushing the low-end hardware solutions, and MicroSoft is now looking to get into the chase with lower priced equivalents.

With the Google charge is the Chromebit, a computer in a dongle that you can plug into your own screen with your own blue tooth keyboard.

Well, something like that, you can read it for yourself – with tech I can be ten thumbed …

What did strike me was the never ceasing innovation … Google has its eyes on the Chinese Explosion of Users, and MicroSoft sees the flanking move forming …

IBM of course has disappeared into an Invisible Force, not to be underestimated, getting in deep with the Internet of Things … the suits and ties have gone, their minds are liberated, and more efficient and effective than they were when they became too arrogant and a university drop out nerd, with thick black glasses and no six pack abs outflanked them …

IBM sees the future in cloud solutions processing data ( … the new oil as the article below calls it):

By the way they estimate that 90% of the data generated by the IoT is not utilized and more than half loses value within milliseconds if it is not leveraged.

The future just does not stop … after Sue told me that she had seen Muizenberg Man the moment she arrived here in Lakeside I was wondering how many times that statement I have just made has appeared on the Internet.

So I Googled “the future just does not stop” and amazingly no results …

Your search - “the future just does not stop” - did not match any documents.


  • Make sure that all words are spelled correctly.
  • Try different keywords.
  • Try more general keywords.

Wow, I may have another Muizenberg Man … must check with Sue Yahoo though …

Copyright G. Rigotti 2015

PS I subsequently Googled “the future does not stop” i.e. without the word ‘just’.

This time many references to “[some action or another] [in] the future does not stop [at, before, when, here, there, by ... etc]“.

Interestingly, as a simple statement that “The future does not stop” without any subsequent preposition i.e. The future does not stop [full stop] … nothing on Google: maybe Sue Yahoo then … :)





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