This website may be about Cape Town and South Africa but fundamentally we are Green and Global.

Avaaz, for those who do not know of them, is a powerful global petitioning website that has been able to not only influence world leaders in the policy choices they make but also has literally helped to save lives and reduce human right abuses.

Petitioning campaigns can be started by anyone and Avaaz will promote them around the globe.

This one is about the potential to reduce the destruction of the Amazon forest:

Save The Amazon

What is amazing is to see the stats of the signatories world wide … when a campaign bites you experience the thrill of the like minded participating – a sense of collective solidarity that is good for your Soul.

Look down to the right underneath the header Recent Signers and see the flags of the world come up as people stream in … !

Avaaz feedbacks progress on the campaigns and the kick you get when you hear of good outcomes is well worth the few seconds it takes to read and sign … :)








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