On the back of the Teen prodigy article, and with my eye on the Cape Peninsula mountains looking out for the first signs of us becoming Karoo-like due to global warming, I came across another article from one of my other favourite on line magazines.

The Register is as maverick as they come …

I borrowed the feature image from the Register article – not sure if this is a selfie of Nathan Myhrvold, the CEO of the ‘uber patent troll’ as Register calls his company, Intellectual Ventures.

According to Register this company:

“Intellectual Ventures, which was formed in 2000 by former Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold, is among the top five patent-holding entities in the US, yet it makes nothing and markets no products. Instead, it licenses its myriad patents to other companies – and indeed it argued that many of Motorola’s competitors had already licensed the patent at issue in the current lawsuit.”

There is something implicitly wrong about such approaches to passive money making.

Clever lawyers in the payroll of these mentalities will argue otherwise.

I read a great article by someone on the new music streaming that Madonna and Taylor Swift are endorsing.

Madonna in a slinky outfit laid out her leg on the table as she signed her ownership with a flourish at the media promotion of the new entity.

Now if this is to get rid of the middlemen so that music can get out there and be more affordable with improved returns to the musicians, all fine.

But if it is simply just to add even more to Madonna’s cash heap it is rather one dimensional of her.

In the article it was put that Nietzsche had something to say about an excessive chase of monies into an uber-hyper-super abundance, that it was basically obscene.

Not that I am a fan of Nietzsche or that informed about him but most name drop him along the way, so that makes him a useful critic of the Human Zoo.

I like Madonna, not her music that much, but the maverick in her.

Taylor Swift can write lyrics endlessly, but behind that sweetness surely not cold clinical business steel?

So young and so determined to see every last cent … ?

Who knows … ?

What is worrying about Nathan Myhrvold is that this is where GMOs could go.

Nathan Myhrvolds now squeezing the populace of the world into ever and ever tighter hunger circles as they counter sue any attempt to show that GMOs may have damaged the natural state or the already degraded natural state of Nature.

Lots of naturals in that sentence, but it seems the only way to state it …

That is why Monsanto has such bad press … that perhaps they are also Nathan Myhrvolds in their ultimate strategic approach to tighten the noose around the vast majority of us into an Eternal Serfdom.

So to GMO or not to GMO?

Now it could be that anyone who has a selfie that looks like that has a problem, and perhaps an understandable grudge against the rest of Humanity.

In that case there may understandably be no residual Beauty left in such a Beast.

Also, I wonder if Nathan is paying, on the principle of the matter, royalties to the descendants of Newton and Leibniz for the use of calculus, indispensable to any engineer like he is!?

Leibniz independently developed an equivalent of Newton’s calculus, although for a while, he too was accused of plagiarism.

Both geniuses however would (on the basis of the principles that Nathan seeks to enforce) owe some ‘royalty debt’ to “Bonaventura Cavalieri, who argued that volumes and areas should be computed as the sums of the volumes and areas of infinitesimally thin cross-sections …” as per the article I have referred you to above.

And whoever sat down and imagined a ‘space ship’ going to the Moon could also have registered a patent and demanded royalties from NASA, the Russians, ESA, the Chinese etc. using Myhrvoldian Logic (Myhrvoldian Logic … sounds Darth Vaderish, hey?).

So this patent stuff is absurd, right!?

But that is what patent trolls do:

e.g. Afternoon Patent Creation Session:

- a few sniffs of cocaine for an imagination boost,

- start fantasizing,

- capture fantasy,

- patent fantasy,

- await the first scavenging opportunities, for perpetuation through all future generations N where N is a large number that tends to Infinity.

Yet even Darwin had his evolutionary theory developed independently, by Wallace!

If I have it right Wallace published before Darwin and Darwin then had to prove that he had worked it all out beforehand.

Both men acted with dignity it seems and both men are great even though ironically most people have never heard of Wallace, like most people generally do not know of Leibniz.

So even truly great men with great ideas independently conceive of the same great ideas!

How does some one, even if they believe they are great, legally monopolise ideas because the patent office of a current hegemony says so!?

Furthermore, where are the royalties to the descendants of Newton, Leibniz, Einstein for that matter, and all the other great scientists and inventors that Nathan as an engineer should be acknowledging!?

Perhaps the reason why there are so many Microsoft haters (I am very Microsoft passionate especially with its scalable data processing technologies that can go from Smart phone into Cloud) … perhaps it was indeed Nathan Myhrvold, ex CTO of Microsoft, that got Microsoft in the Face of Humanity?

The worst thing about this being Nathan’s fault that everybody hates Microsoft is that we have been inundated by tsunamis of poorly documented open source, further fossilized into petrified framework monstrosities – the difference between Microsoft and most open source being the cost of quality documentation.

It is like having to work with a Rosetta Stone that only has hieroglyphics and no Greek or Latin on it to decode it.

It is like squeezing blood out of a stone.

For example, a software function may be:

If (bla bla bla) Then Stone() … all on one line, by the way, in the new style of writing code …

Somehow software glory seekers belonging to a fraternity that seeks revenge on the jocks and whoever else upset them in the school yard know what Stone() does and what parameters to pass to it and what results to expect from it.

But the rest of us are just left with Stone() … and the put downs by the Stone() fraternity as we hold this ‘tool’ helpless in our figurative hand as they (presumably) acquire wealth and move up the social ladder to sneer down at the jocks from the past … ?

Baboon troops on our Cape Peninsula do that a lot, jockeying for position in the social hierarchy, questing for the position of CMA.


Sort of like the CEO of the baboon troop, or more specifically the Chief Male Alpha … it is a Freudian thing even if Freud is out of fashion for his inconvenient truths.

So not only might the Drone Police of the patent trolls be checking to see if the fig in my backyard and the olive tree in my front yard and the basil and sage and rosemary elsewhere infringe upon ‘their’ GMO patents but I am left with a useless Stone() to figure out how to avoid serfdom.

Copyright G. Rigotti 2015.








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