Today it finally came, we were expecting it, last night in fact, but only the rain, just like the one we know that hangs its misery on every momentary drop blown in the north-west wind that pours itself boiling black over the mountain tops …

Flavio burst in from the night … welcome to Cape Town we called out.

All day it was Cape Town winter weather here, on the other side of the world – the drip drip of the cold in the rain.

Then we saw the snowflakes on his head and shoulders, large ones.

No … we are not in Cape Town at all … it has finally come.

They are so large, he exclaimed. As I was driving here, it came!

He has come for English lessons, he wants to move on from his air traffic controller job to flying. Hence the English …

We are so excited, we are like kids, running out into the snow, waving and jumping with glee.

Click click the smart phones roll and off the images go via WhatsApp and Facebook.

The first half hour of the lesson is then all about the snow, conversational English.

Later in the night  l listen to Enrico’s Franco Battiato … he is like a sort of Italian Rodriguez in lyrics with mysticism rather than pain … and literally without the life struggle pain of Rodriguez.

Still he digs deep into soulful things, in his words time and space are not what they seem, they are otherwise in the worlds of his dreams.

In Windows Media Player I see the time metric symbol millimeter itself along the time track.

Like a little space capsule on the journey of this song …

How long have I been here, it is all so different it feels like a year, a decade, an era … ?

But tomorrow it will only be a month!

So my mind drifts …

The passengers on the space-time ship talk excitedly at first for a long time at the outset.

What magic, what fantasy awaits … !

When will they get there, they wonder as one divided by time so far seems infinite.

The warmth and the excitement make it all seem so big, this adventure that might never end or so it seems.

Splashes of coffee and spills of juice are all fun moments, stains are imaginary and mere nothings in the fabric of this journey.

Jokes abound, making light of possible calamities.

Infinity could be virtually approached if a new experience is embarked upon as soon as one over time so far of the new experience begins to accelerate.

These experiences must be vastly different to each other, for the effect, so you should choose your set of experiences carefully and creatively so that the sum of one over the time so far of each experience is a small accumulator.

The super trip of the space-time ship could in one sense be the same experience throughout so that the amount of available time left over shrinks quickly, exponentially.

That could be the challenge … how to generate the variety of experience over time so far so that the passing of time shrinks to as infinitesimally as possible an instance thereby creating the illusion / delusion of for ever, a Zeno like paradox where the arrow of time never reaches its end, there is always a little more as only a little more was used, half steps in a mathematical go pause go sequence .

Outside the capsule is a black nothing, the tiny head light of the capsule could even be an imaginary thing to a Conscious Being observing its progress … puny comes to mind despite the fanfare in its inside, despite the sum of all the individual significances being an even greater sum total of insignificance.

For some moments, snowflakes as large as large raindrops splash our existence, in our journey.

The snow, the snow, the snow, tomorrow the snow like a carpet over everything including our noses and ears … but if it rains the snow disappears, quickly and only the damp earth and wet air is left as we speed on.

This is just a fantasy in the space-time ship, for an insignificant moment time froze – but as I said, it was only an insignificant moment.

PS. Do not try too hard to make any sense of this … :)


Copyright Gabri Rigotti 2017





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